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Moving Your Car Across the Country: How Does Vehicle Transport Work?

You may need to move your car to a new location and cannot do so on your own. You can hire a vehicle transport company, but do you know how they work? Keep reading to learn more about this service so that you know what questions to ask when choosing the best auto transport company for your needs.

How is the vehicle transported?

The first question you may be wondering about vehicle transport is how the cars are moved from one location to the next. There are two main ways that transport companies move cars. One is with an open carrier, which is the same way manufacturers move new cars to the lots. Your vehicle is loaded onto the open carrier along with other vehicles and driven to the new location.

The other option is using an enclosed carrier. This is most often chosen when the car is a luxury, exotic, or classic car. With this method, the car is kept in a carrier that protects it from damage from debris or the elements. Since it is the only car in the carrier, this is a more expensive choice.

How much does vehicle transport cost?

The cost of transporting a car is based on several different factors including size, weight, distance, type of carrier, and where it is picked up. The best auto transport company is one that will explain what goes into the final cost and that will give you an estimate before you commit. Depending on the distance, transport can take anywhere from one day to two weeks.

Where the car is picked up and dropped off greatly affects the price. Door-to-door service picks up your car at your home and delivers it directly to its final destination. A less expensive option is terminal shipping, which transports your car to a predetermined location for you to pick up.

Can you keep personal items in the vehicle?

It may be tempting to load your car with personal items before having it shipped, but the best auto transport company is one that does not allow this. Companies do not insure these items, so they are at a risk of being stolen or damaged. A vehicle transport company can even be fined if it is found to be transporting personal items in the car.

The best thing to do is make sure your care is completely empty before having it transported. Remove all items from the trunk and glove compartment.

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